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Experience Thrills & Chills at Knott’s Scary Farm!

October 30, 2013

Said to be one of Southern California’s largest and most frightening Halloween activities, Knott’s Scary Farm combines the best of the season in wild nights of haunts, rides and carnival entertainment. Taking place on selected nights between September 26th and November 2nd, those brave enough to venture into the farm will be greeted by a wealth of new and previously unseen arrangements. Those staying at one of the places to stay near Knott’s Berry Farm to check out this seasonal event!

Black Magic starts the evening, as the veil that separates the living from the dead is suddenly split by the appearance of Houdini’s ghost. An ill-planned séance causes Houdini to return, bringing with him a wide range of demonic illusions and nasty tricks on those people he believes to be intruding in his theatre. From the back rooms full of props to the main stage itself, all areas of the theatre will risk his wrath – and Houdini is well known for making people disappear.

Another new fright is the Dominion of the Damned, in which the reign of The Blood Queen is brought to an end. As she is quiet for regeneration, the ancient vampire lore decrees that there must be someone ruling the Damned in their realm – but who will that be, and will their leadership be as tolerant of mortals? In Forevermore, the unique creations of Edgar Allan Poe come to life. The ‘Forevermore Killer’ is journeying through each tale, one by one, as he takes victims who find themselves trapped in ‘The Raven,’ ‘The Tell-Tale Heart,’ ‘The Masque of Red Death’ and ‘The Pit and The Pendulum.’ Guests too might fall foul of this killer’s desires to complete his set and recreate all of the tragedies in the chilling tales. Or, in The Gunslinger’s Grave, relive the horrors of the Old West as a gunslinger left for dead tries to take his revenge on the township that abandoned him. The action leads guests through abandoned mines, seedy saloon bars and ultimately ends in a showdown – which side will survive?