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Explore Disney’s California Adventure with CityRace!

April 18, 2014

CityRace invites those staying in hotels near Disney’s California Adventure to join in on a magical treasure hunt. On April 27th  CityRace teams are setting out to look for clues, test their bodies and brains to solve puzzles and challenges all within the magical surroundings of Cars Land, Condor Flats and the rest of park. This is far from being a typical scavenger hunt, this race will test its entrants in very unusual ways. It wouldn’t be Disney without a few surprises along the way, so entrants are expecting mystery, magic and moxie as they approach the challenge with their friends!

 CityRace events are a unique kind of scavenger race. Competitors enter in teams of two to four players and are put through their paces to meet challenges both physical and mental. At the start of the course, each participating team will be presented with their own packet of clues to start them off. These clues can range from the easy and moderately challenging right through to the fiendishly difficult! Each of these clues will lead to a specific location within Disney’s California Adventure. When the right answer has been found, destination visited or challenges completed points will be awarded to the team. Certain events allows teams the opportunity to score bonus points, with by taking photographs or collecting items from a list to earn extra credit. At the end of the race, the first team to have crossed the finish line with the highest number of points is deemed the winner! It is not expected that teams will be able to solve every one of their clues, so there’s a lot of strategy involved in working out how best to proceed and to look towards victory.

 Tickets for the CityRace Disney California Adventure must be purchased in advance and do not include admission to the park. The race starts at 8am on Sunday April 27th and will last for four and a half hours.