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Spend a Night in the Middle Ages

June 14, 2013

Anaheim is a great location to spend a vacation because of its close proximity to Disneyland, Downtown Disney, California Adventure, and so much more. Anaheim is home to many restaurants, shopping, and other entertainment. However, just outside the Anaheim area is also home to some unique entertainment that you might be interested in checking out. The Medieval Times in Buena Park, near Anaheim, is a great place to spend an evening with friends or family and you will no doubt leave with full bellies, unique photography, and fond memories of your time spent back in the Middle Ages.

Your evening will begin with some epic photography opportunities, as you can pose with knights, princesses, pages, and more to really take you back to the time period. Order some grog and mingle in the gift shops while browsing through some of the awesome items for sale, anything from princess hats, medieval weaponry, souvenirs, and more! Ultimately, you and your group will be put on a team, and you will enter into the arena and sit with the rest of your teammates. You will be cheering for your team’s knight as he jousts and fights for you, so don’t forget to cheer loudly! One of the best things about attending Medieval Times is the meal you are served. Not only is it straight out of the Middle Ages (although cooked more recently than that) – meaty and delicious – but you can eat with your fingers! Forget all that you learned about table etiquette because all rules are off when you eat dinner at Medieval Times.

If that era isn’t quite your thing, enjoy a similar experience but this time at Pirate’s Dinner Adventure. Your experience will be unique and is bound to be a swashbuckling good time! Both Medieval Times and Pirate’s Dinner Adventure are near Anaheim so you won’t have to travel far. If you are staying in hotels near Medieval Times Buena Park and are looking for a place to spend an evening, these interactive dinner shows are perfect!

(Photo courtesy of Wikimedia)